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Similar Players

NumYrsPlayers whose career was of similar quality and shape
3Jevon Kearse, Darrell Russell, Reggie White*, Andy Robustelli*, Cortez Kennedy*, Stan Jones*, Bryant Young, Richard Dent*, Thurman McGraw, Earl Faison
4Howie Long*, Jevon Kearse, Leonard Marshall, Bubba Smith, Darrell Russell, Rosey Grier, Michael Carter, Mark Gastineau, Jack Youngblood*, Chester McGlockton
5John Randle*, Jared Allen, Henry Jordan*, Jay Ratliff, Howie Long*, Jevon Kearse, Thurman McGraw, La'Roi Glover, Bubba Smith, Michael Carter
6Michael Strahan*, Jerome Brown, Bubba Smith, Michael Carter, Keith Millard, Henry Jordan*, Jevon Kearse, Howie Long*, John Elliott, Charlie Johnson
7Steve McMichael, Michael Strahan*, Keith Millard, Michael Carter, Howie Long*, Gary Larsen, Gene Lipscomb, Clyde Simmons, Mike Reid, John Elliott
8Hugh Douglas, Howie Long*, Michael Carter, Bill Stanfill, Jared Allen, Keith Millard, Fred Smerlas, Gary Larsen, Doug English, Clyde Simmons
9Hugh Douglas, Doug English, Joe Klecko, Bill Stanfill, Steve McMichael, Keith Millard, Howie Long*, Gene Lipscomb, Gary Larsen, Bubba Smith
10Bill Stanfill, Hugh Douglas, Steve McMichael, Joe Klecko, Michael Carter, Charlie Johnson, Doug English, Bubba Smith, Earl Faison, Rulon Jones
CareerBubba Smith, Charlie Johnson, Keith Millard, Hugh Douglas, Michael Carter, Doug English, Kevin Williams, Rulon Jones, Gene Lipscomb, Jared Allen

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