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Similar Players

NumYrsPlayers whose career was of similar quality and shape
3Perry Williams, Jackie Wallace, Tyrone Poole, Frank Minnifield, Rashean Mathis, LaRon Landry, Myron Guyton, Larry Wilson*, Dick Jauron, Johnnie Gray
4Johnnie Gray, Tom Brown, Tom Hayes, Mike Fuller, George Atkinson, Tommy Casanova, Herb Rich, Perry Williams, Bobby Watkins, Johnnie Poe
5Johnnie Gray, Tom Brown, Tom Hayes, Tim Fox, Darren Perry, Terence Newman, Herb Rich, Curtis Johnson, Johnnie Poe, Herman Edwards
6Tim Fox, Johnnie Poe, Nate Odomes, Tom Hayes, Herb Rich, Herman Edwards, Randy Logan, Karl Kassulke, Ray Brown, Tony Parrish
7Randy Logan, Karl Kassulke, Ray Brown, Johnnie Gray, George Atkinson, Herman Edwards, Bill Thompson, Darren Perry, Dick Alban, Tom Hannon
8Ray Brown, James Hasty, Herman Edwards, Robert Blackmon, Tom Hannon, Dick Nolan, Dick Alban, W.K. Hicks, Johnnie Gray, Bill Svoboda
9Ray Brown, James Hasty, Herman Edwards, Bill Svoboda, Sammy Knight, Mike Minter, Dewayne Washington, Gill Byrd, Johnnie Gray, Irv Cross
10Sammy Knight, Mike Minter, Don Griffin, Dewayne Washington, Charles Romes, Terence Newman, George Atkinson, Herman Edwards, Mark Collins, John Harris
11Sammy Knight, Dewayne Washington, Mark Collins, Mark Lee, John Harris, James Hasty, Sheldon Brown, Walt Harris, Don Griffin, Steve Foley
CareerDick Alban, Johnnie Gray, Reggie Tongue, Mike Minter, Mark Murphy, Tom Hannon, Brian Washington, Bruce Maher, W.K. Hicks, Victor Green

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