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Similar Players

NumYrsPlayers whose career was of similar quality and shape
3Louie Kelcher, Dexter Manley, Royce Berry, Dwight Freeney, Dwight White, Dana Stubblefield, Bill Bishop, Wilson Whitley, Charlie Krueger, Gene Brito
4Louie Kelcher, Trent Cole, Earl Faison, Dwight White, Sweeny Williams, Simeon Rice, Carlton Massey, Mike Hartenstine, Ray Childress, Vince Wilfork
5Earl Faison, Mike Reid, Bryant Young, Dwight Freeney, Jared Allen, Dana Stubblefield, Richard Dent*, Fred Smerlas, Michael Dean Perry, Bill Stanfill
6Bryant Young, Deacon Jones*, Bill Stanfill, Earl Faison, Roger Brown, Neil Smith, Julius Peppers, Lee Roy Selmon*, Buck Buchanan*, Ray Childress
7Fred Smerlas, Ray Childress, Gino Marchetti*, Neil Smith, Willie Davis*, Dwight Freeney, Bryant Young, Jim Katcavage, Art Still, Claude Humphrey*
8Roger Brown, Deacon Jones*, Dan Hampton*, Ray Childress, Jim Katcavage, Willie Davis*, Bob Baumhower, Haloti Ngata, Michael Strahan*, Bill Stanfill
9Deacon Jones*, Dan Hampton*, Terrell Suggs, Ray Childress, Michael Dean Perry, Roger Brown, Gino Marchetti*, Buck Buchanan*, Kevin Williams, Neil Smith
10Claude Humphrey*, Richard Dent*, Doug Atkins*, Neil Smith, Gino Marchetti*, Deacon Jones*, Jim Katcavage, Bobby Bell*, Ray Childress, Dan Hampton*
11Ray Childress, Dan Hampton*, L.C. Greenwood, Deacon Jones*, Gino Marchetti*, Neil Smith, Doug Atkins*, Bobby Bell*, Rickey Jackson*, Terrell Suggs
12Deacon Jones*, Bobby Bell*, Rickey Jackson*, L.C. Greenwood, Dan Hampton*, Gino Marchetti*, Howie Long*, Richard Dent*, Doug Atkins*, Joe Greene*
13Rickey Jackson*, Ernie Stautner*, Deacon Jones*, Howie Long*, Bobby Bell*, Buck Buchanan*, Doug Atkins*, Joe Greene*, Bob Lilly*, L.C. Greenwood
14Ernie Stautner*, Rickey Jackson*, Deacon Jones*, Doug Atkins*, Bob Lilly*, Leo Nomellini*, Buck Buchanan*, Howie Long*, Bobby Bell*, Andy Robustelli*
15Ernie Stautner*, Rickey Jackson*, Doug Atkins*, Deacon Jones*, Bob Lilly*, Leo Nomellini*, Jason Taylor, Bobby Bell*, Andy Robustelli*, Buck Buchanan*
CareerErnie Stautner*, Deacon Jones*, Jason Taylor, Doug Atkins*, Michael Strahan*, Leo Nomellini*, Buck Buchanan*, Too Tall Jones, Howie Long*, Neil Smith

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